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BlackHawk Paramotor Acro Video!

Powered Paragliding Acro With a BlackHawk Paramotor! Very special thanks to Paramotor Pilot & BlackHawk Customer JOSEPH CAULFIELD for sending us this amazing footage.

Lately, we’ve had some requests from our “thrill-seeking” customers to post some dynamic flights from Paramotor Pilots who push the limits on their BlackHawk Paramotor. This video does the trick – or a few tricks!

NOTE: There are many pilots in the world who share a passion for the extreme side of Powered Paragliding, however, they only encompass about 5% or less of the Powered Paragliding population. Due to 95% of people simply wanting to fly “low and slow” (as the sport was intended), our channel is mostly geared towards the exploitational or educational side of Powered Paragliding. Every once in a while, we have a customer send us a video that is so amazing, it breaks the mold. This is one of those.

This sport is as safe as you make it. Pilots who attempt these kind of maneuvers have been flying for years or even decades. They have attended specialized clinics and seminars to learn such flight techniques from qualified Instructors. In other words, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! If you are interested in becoming an Acro Paramotor Pilot, please contact us so we can point you in the right (safe) direction to do so.

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