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Unbelievable Foot-Launch Tandem on a BH 125!

At the 2015 BlackHawk Ranch Fall Fly-In, something unexpected happened… Head Instructor Joe Cruz decided to test the limits on BlackHawk’s top-selling 125 Paramotor. He did so by taking up a 220 lb passenger by foot-launching! Now mind you, Joe weighs 185 lbs. That’s a total combined weight of 405 lbs for both pilots! That’s incredible considering the BlackHawk 125 Paramotor is rated for a 230 lb payload.

NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Joe is an extremely experienced Instructor and his passenger was well-trained. Taking up such a heave payload regularly can cause unnecessary stress on the engine, thus why the 125 is rated for 230 lbs MAX. We want our machines to run healthy for hundreds of hours – so, don’t try this with your own machine.

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