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Another EPIC Lost Coast Paramotor Video!

BlackHawk Paramotors USA presents another epic Lost Coast Adventure video! BlackHawk’s Team Paramotor Pilots are well-known for seeking out the best possible locations for cross-country adventures. Over the last year, viewers have seen some stunning footage from around the globe, and this video is no exception. Here, you will see some of the choicest shots captured from several different cameras on The Lost Coast of California.

This video includes commentary by Team Pilot & Company Sales Director Heidi Lee. Heidi has become one of the most well-known female Paramotor pilots in the sport. If you’ve called BlackHawk or attended one of our many events, chances are, you’ve already met her!

If you are one of the many people just discovering a Paramotor for the first time, we have a “frequently asked questions” page on our website which thoroughly covers what most people want to know:

BlackHawk Paramotors has been working hard to make the sport of Powered Paragliding accessible to everyone. This included engineering machines to fit the needs of EVERYONE with the dream of flight. Each year, countless men, women, and children of all ages & sizes take their first solo flights on a BlackHawk Paramotor. Our lightest Paramotor unit weighs just 45 lbs, and our most powerful machine is capable of taking up a 700 lb payload. BlackHawk Paramotors USA also offers free machine modifications for those with disabilities. These are just a couple of reasons why BlackHawk has become “the #1 Manufacturer of Powered Paragliding Equipment.” Our commitment to making this experience available to everyone will never change.

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