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Black Bee 125 Paramotor

CorsAir Black Bee 125 Paramotor From Utah Powered Paragliding:

BlackHawk Paramotors USA has teamed up with CorsAir Motors to provide our customers with even more choices. We’ve recently added their popular “Black Bee” to our engine lineup – in addition to the CorsAir Black Bull! This single-cylinder air-cooled engine was engineered for Pilots looking for “a lightweight engine with low fuel consumption. Similar to the BlackHawk 125, this 125cc engine is perfect for Pilots who weigh up to 235 lbs.

The Black Bee packs some power for its size. You can pump out around 132 lbs of thrust with a 125cm prop. This engine’s max RPM is 9,800 and it’s designed to disperse heat very efficiently. The head is constructed from die-cast aluminum (with high silicone content). The engine runs a standard WG8 carburetor, features a flash-starter, and a clutch.

The Black Bee (engine only) weighs in at just 28.6 lbs. Mount it our newly-designed 2019 Kestrel Paramotor frame for the ultimate Paramotor experience! Many Pilots are also mounting this engine on our LowBoy III Quad & Lite Trike. If you are a fan of cross-country flights and want a compact, lightweight Paramotor, the Black Bee is for you.

If you have any questions about this engine or would like some product recommendations, our Team is always here to help. We can put together a customized Package Deal that fits your needs. Contact us today.

**This engine recommended for pilots who weigh under 235lbs. (107 kg.)


Black Bee 125 Specs:

Engine: Black Bee 125

Displacement (CC’s): 125

Max RPM: 9800

HP: 24

Reduction Type: Belt Driven WITH Centrifugal Clutch

Approx Thrust (49″ Prop): 132 lbs (61 Kg)*

Approx Thrust (52″ Prop): 137 lbs (64 Kg)*

Start Method: Pull Start Only

Fuel Tank: 3.2 gallons

Approx Flight time: 2 – 2.5 hrs

Frame options: Kestrel V3, Rhino

Max Pilot Weight: 235 Lbs (107 Kg)

Engine Only Weight: 28.6 lbs (13 Kg)

IMPORTANT: Black Bee MAINTENANCE NOTES: Torque for cylinder head is 125 INCH lbs. Questions? CONTACT US.


Black Bee 125 Prices:

Black Bee 125 Paramotor Kestrel Cage:


Black Bee 125 Paramotor Rhino Cage:


Black Bee 125 Paramotor Kestrel Cage: Package Deal


Black Bee 125 Paramotor Rhino Cage: Package Deal


Black Bee 125 With LITE TRIKE & Kestrel: Package Deal


NOTE: All Prices INCLUDE the cooling shroud (a $99 value), and a carbon fiber propeller (normally a $200 upgrade). That’s $300 in savings – only from BlackHawk Paramotors USA!


*NOTE: BlackHawk offer DISCOUNTS to Veterans, Active Duty, Law Enforcement, and Life Savers (Fire / Ambulance). Just ask!


Black Bee 125 Paramotor Gallery:

BlackHawk Powered Paraglider Warranty:

Each and every item that makes up a BlackHawk Powered Paraglider is fully Warranted 100% for two years to the original purchaser from the date of original purchase of any factory defects (engine carries a manufacture 6 month warranty). The following items are included in this warranty: cage, couplers, rods, frame, gas tank, harness, carabineers, throttle, motor mounts and motor mount plates. This warranty excludes any and all items that are damaged by the Pilot in launching, landing, flying or transporting or misuse of said BlackHawk Powered Paraglider. The BlackHawk engines carry a 6 month Manufacturers warranty against factory defects from the original date of purchase. All engines are subject to the manufactures warranty and conditions Warranties are not transferable to anyone other than the original purchaser. Please contact BlackHawk for Manufacturers warranty conditions or claims. Not included under our warranty are any type of engine seizures caused by improper carburetor tuning, adjustment or failure to properly follow the manufacturers maintenance instructions.

For more information or to purchase this motor, please contact us by visiting our website’s contact page

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