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BlackHawk heads to the jungles of Costa Rica!


BlackHawk Paramotors USA was contacted by a major television network in Costa Rica to take part in an amazing documentary experience. X Special Forces personnel from New Zealand, the UK, and the USA were flown to Costa Rica to take part in a very exotic Powered Paragliding training adventure. This involved days of travel by bus, boat, and plane, to reach the ideal “training base camp.” The ever-famous 4-stroke BlackHawk HellCat 360 Paramotor was shipped from California to a tiny remote airstrip to be featured in the documentary and for facilitating instruction. Once the machine was assembled, BlackHawk owner Mike Robinson put the group through para-boot-camp! “This was no vacation. It was hard work and very rewarding for all involved. We are all excited to see the television documentary when it goes live. It’s just another great opportunity to get more people involved in Powered Paragliding,” said Mike. Check out the following link to watch BlackHawk’s excursion into the Costa Rica jungle:

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