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BlackHawk Announces NEW Talon 190 Paramotor!

NEW Talon 190 is HERE! Welcome to the next-generation of Powered Paragliding. The ALL NEW “Talon 2.0” 190 Paramotor is the most powerful, durable, & cool-running motor in its class on the market today. In fact, it runs an average of 50* cooler than any competitor’s air-cooled motor! This is …

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World’s Longest Paramotor Race 2015! Winners Announced!

  WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Hundreds of miles and 10-days later…The World’s First Long-Distance Paramotor Race has come to an end. Many Pilots and spectators spent the last week staring at the sky in anticipation of the next Icarus Trophy Contestant to land. One-by-one, race participants made the grueling journey from Eatonville, …

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BlackHawk’s Fall Fly In a TOTAL Success in 2015!

  Each year, more and more Pilots make their way to BlackHawk Headquarters in Valley Springs California (aka “the beautiful middle of nowhere”). What they experience there can only be described in their own words… They become the stories Pilots tell around the campfire – reminiscing about that one “perfect …

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BlackHawk Now Offers FINANCING Through Wells Fargo!

BlackHawk Paramotors has teamed up with Wells Fargo Bank to offer financing on the purchase of Powered Paragliding equipment! This is an industry first and will allow many people the opportunity to fly much sooner than they anticipated. Standard credit checks and bank approval apply. For more information, please contact …

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Pal Takats Teams Up With BlackHawk Paramotors USA

BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor From Utah Powered Paragliding

Professional extreme sportsman Pal Takats is probably the most well-known name in the Paragliding industry. This 28 year old phenomenon was born in Budapest Hungary and his entire life has been dedicated to extreme adrenaline-pumping sports. Throughout his career, he has captivated the world with some of the most extreme, …

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BlackHawk heads to the jungles of Costa Rica!

BlackHawk Paramotors USA was contacted by a major television network in Costa Rica to take part in an amazing documentary experience. X Special Forces personnel from New Zealand, the UK, and the USA were flown to Costa Rica to take part in a very exotic Powered Paragliding training adventure. This …

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Oshkosh Airventure a Total Success!

Team BlackHawk traveled thousands of miles to Oshkosh Wisconsin for the 2013 Airventure aviation supershow. Thousands of the half-million attendees stopped by the BlackHawk Paramotor booth throughout the event. Most people had never seen a Powered Paraglider before and were thrilled at the thought of owning their own personal flying …

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