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Flying Cars? The Paramotor is HERE!

Powered Paragliding is here! We’ve seen some amazing technological breakthroughs over the last decade and these “flying machines” are no exception. The sensation of absolute freedom while floating through the sky in your very own “flying car” is unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. Powered Paragliding is a one-of-a-kind experience and …

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Beautiful California Paramotor Exploration With Follow Cam!

Paramotor Photographers and GoPro fanatics are always looking for that “perfect shot.” What if ALL your Paramotor footage was perfect and you could literally capture the “essence” of that brilliant flight? This video shows how possible it is. These amazing BlackHawk Paramotor Follow Cams were developed by BlackHawk Engineer & …

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Another EPIC Lost Coast Paramotor Video!

BlackHawk Paramotors USA presents another epic Lost Coast Adventure video! BlackHawk’s Team Paramotor Pilots are well-known for seeking out the best possible locations for cross-country adventures. Over the last year, viewers have seen some stunning footage from around the globe, and this video is no exception. Here, you will see …

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BlackHawk Paramotor Acro Video!

Powered Paragliding Acro With a BlackHawk Paramotor! Very special thanks to Paramotor Pilot & BlackHawk Customer JOSEPH CAULFIELD for sending us this amazing footage. Lately, we’ve had some requests from our “thrill-seeking” customers to post some dynamic flights from Paramotor Pilots who push the limits on their BlackHawk Paramotor. This …

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Unbelievable Foot-Launch Tandem on a BH 125!

At the 2015 BlackHawk Ranch Fall Fly-In, something unexpected happened… Head Instructor Joe Cruz decided to test the limits on BlackHawk’s top-selling 125 Paramotor. He did so by taking up a 220 lb passenger by foot-launching! Now mind you, Joe weighs 185 lbs. That’s a total combined weight of 405 …

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