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Paramotor Training

Why Choose Utah Powered Paragliding For Your Paramotor Lessons?

Welcome to your next great adventure! Utah Powered Paragliding is an Authorized Dealer for BlackHawk Paramotors USA and offers the most complete & inclusive Instruction in the Industry. Utah Powered Paragliding has years of experience and has changed the lives of countless students. In just 3-7 days, our students will acquire the skills necessary to fly safely and confidently on their own. We offer professional Foot-Launch Instruction, Paramotor Quad Instruction, and Paragliding lessons. Relationship-building is very important to us. We make an effort to get to know each student as an individual and understand the best way to convey the concepts of flight. Everyone learns differently and at a different rate. We understand this and customize each training session to meet each student’s needs. Utah Powered Paragliding also specializes in helping everyone to work within any limitations they may have to become the best pilot they can be. Age, physical condition, or disabilities our students have are taken into consideration so that we may provide the best training experience possible. Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer support available, both before and after the sale. Come train with us and experience first-hand, the life-changing sport of Powered Paragliding!

One Student’s Training Journey With BlackHawk Paramotors:

Our Location:

Utah has some amazing places to take your first Paramotor Flight. With such a wide variety of scenic landscape and terrain, Utah has become a West-Coast mecca for Personal Aviation. Our students start their Training Journey at “Point of The Mountain” – a spacious, open, and fully-manicured training area. Training is held here 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year to accommodate student’s schedules. Students begin by learning the finer points of “Ground Handling” or “Kiting.” This process may take several days depending on the student’s progression. Once a student has displayed the appropriate skills and knowledge to fly confidently on their own, we take them to one of five different motoring locations for their first solo flight! One of the advantages to Utah’s open and varying terrain is that we can choose the absolute best spot for flight. If wind conditions aren’t optimal in one area, we have access to many other flight zones within short driving distance. Students have the opportunity to fly in a variety of locations, therefore maximizing their Training experience. We are a full-service Training Center, therefore offering machine maintenance on site, and have parts readily available for customers.


Point of The Mountain – Utah

Point of the Mountain Utah

What is Included With Paramotor Training?

This is a COMPLETE course to learn the “ins and outs” of Powered Paragliding. Our Paramotor Course will provide all the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and confidently fly on your own. We cover everything you will need to know about the equipment, properly setting up for a successful launch, how to stay safe in the air, and how to land. We will cover the fundamentals of basic machine maintenance, weather conditions, and many little “tricks” that would take years to acquire on your own. Class size is limited to ensure a one-on-one quality experience, so please call to reserve your spot. If you are rusty and haven’t flown in a while, we also offer FREE refresher courses to our students. We are here to serve you now and support you in the future!

Just a few things covered in our Beginner Training Course:

  • A review of all the gear and understanding of the equipment
  • A review of the different parts of a Paraglider, what they do, and why
  • How to put the harness on, adjust it for comfort, and safety procedures for proper use
  • Procedures for handling high-wind launches such as “reverse launching”
  • Procedures for handling low or zero wind launches such as “forward launching”
  • Beginner ground handling or “kiting” of the glider – This includes proper inflation and brake-toggle control
  • How to control the wing while going from a reverse to forward launch position
  • How to control the glider without a harness and various weight-shift techniques while on the ground or in flight
  • Simulated launch techniques with and without the motor (both forward and reverse techniques)
  • Powered winch tows for complete control of your first in-air experience
  • Mastering flight or “glider control” before ever leaving the ground
  • How to properly get into your harness after launching, and how to safely get out of the harness while landing
  • A thorough discussion of your first solo flight which includes: launch technique, a flight course direction to safely follow, adjustment of the throttle, turning while in-flight, and landing procedures
  • How to properly warm-up the motor for a long-lasting engine
  • How to conduct a pre-flight safety inspection
  • Handling of unpredictable conditions or situations in a safe and controlled manor
  • Multiple touch-and-go flights to gain the confidence to fly without the instructor’s guidance
  • Proper oil and gas mixtures, spark plug gaps, cleaning the engine, and other basic machine maintenance
  • Glider maintenance for a long-life, including: folding, storing, and care methods
  • Discussion of where and when to fly safely
  • A review of the FAR part 103 regulations pertaining to the sport of Powered Paragliding
  • A review of the various equipment and accessory options available on the market


With the Purchase of a Package: $1000

Without the Purchase of a Package: $1500


With the Purchase of a Package: $1000

Without the Purchase of a Package: $1500


With the Purchase of a Package: $1000

Without the Purchase of a Package: $1500

DAY RATE TRAINING (pay as you go):

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Most students who do not camp-out or bring an RV, stay in the local hotel. Simply click the following link to contact them and arrange lodging:

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10 Year Old Student Working on Kiting Skills With Utah Powered Paragliding:

Tools Used to Assist in Quad Training With Utah Powered Paragliding:

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