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Beautiful California Paramotor Exploration With Follow Cam!

Paramotor Photographers and GoPro fanatics are always looking for that “perfect shot.” What if ALL your Paramotor footage was perfect and you could literally capture the “essence” of that brilliant flight? This video shows how possible it is.

These amazing BlackHawk Paramotor Follow Cams were developed by BlackHawk Engineer & Team Pilot Christoph Bueker. After countless prototypes and an unbelievable number of test-flights, the stability or overall accuracy of these Paramotor Follow Cams are unbeatable.

The Paramotor footage, as you can see, looks like another pilot with a giro stabilizer was flawlessly following the subject pilot from directly behind. The entire motor, glider, and surrounding scenery are captured, providing a “look” that you can’t get with any other system.

It’s been a challenge to keep these BlackHawk Paramotor Follow Cameras in stock. Every time we produce a Paramotor video with these Follow Cams, we get a number of people emailing in to ask “how we filmed that specific scene.” Once they find out how affordable the setup is, how easy it is to setup or fly with one, it’s being shipped from our warehouse that day!

If you are interested in capturing your adventures with the same stunning results seen in this video, you should consider calling BlackHawk Paramotors USA and ordering your very own.

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