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BlackHawk 190 Paramotor

NEW BlackHawk Talon 190 Paramotor From Utah Powered Paragliding:

Welcome to the next-generation of Powered Paragliding. The NEW “Talon 3.0” 190 Paramotor is the most powerful, durable, & cool-running motor in its class.. In fact, it runs an average of 40* cooler than any competitor’s air-cooled motor! This is a complete game changer for XC enthusiast, bigger Pilots, or Acro Pilots who want to get up to altitude fast – without the heat concerns of older-generation motors. As you probably know, heat is the primary factor affecting the longevity of any 2-stroke motor. The new Talon 190 was designed with longer cooling fins that are tapered (thicker at the bottom near the engine, and thinner at the tips) for optimal cooling efficiency. The design and specific placement of the fins draws heat away from the hottest part of the engine (the combustion chamber). In addition, the Talon’s cylinder head configuration also allows the engine to cool down at a much faster rate after a hard climb-out. The cylinder is also ported for optimal RPM management and a top end that produces more power than any engine of its size. This new motor is belt-driven WITH a centrifugal clutch, and features BlackHawk’s newly-designed “Easy Pull-Start” mechanism. We’ve also added a new double-jointed exhaust to ease vibration and eliminate cracking! With the smoothest transition of power we’ve seen in a Talon, the 3.0 runs like an electric PPG – and sounds like a 4-stroke! This is the byproduct of over a decade of research, design, and feedback from some of the best Pilots in the Sport. Like all BlackHawk engines (with exception of the cylinder), the Talon 190 is CNC’d from solid billet aluminum – making it 6X stronger than standard “cast” motors. This new motor pairs up perfectly with our 30lb Lite-Trike for Pilots who want to add wheels to their Paramotor. Weighing in at 54 lbs and blasting out approximately 170-190 lbs of thrust, you won’t find a better “power-to-weight ratio” in the sport! If you are looking for extreme performance & durability, then look no further. The NEW Talon 3.0 190 from BlackHawk is here!

**This engine recommended for pilots who weigh under 325lbs. (147 kg.)

*NOTE: BlackHawk offer DISCOUNTS to Veterans, Active Duty, Law Enforcement, and Life Savers (Fire / Ambulance). Just ask!

NEW Talon 190 Review & Demo Video:

NEW Talon 190 Paramotor (Click to Enlarge)


BlackHawk 190 Specs:

Engine: BlackHawk Talon 190

HP: 26.5

Max RPM: 8000rpm

Idle RPM: 2200rpm (Just Before the Prop Starts Spinning)

Max Temp:  (450* Fahrenheit)  (232* Celsius)

Reduction Type: Belt Driven WITH Centrifugal Clutch

Approx Thrust: 170-190 Lbs (77-86 Kg)*

Start Method: Pull Start

Fuel Tank: 3.2 gallons

Approx Flight time: 2 – 2.5 – hrs

Frame options: Kestrel, Kestrel Pro, Rhino, Titanium Elite WS

Max Pilot Weight: 325 Lbs

Total Weight: 49-54 Lbs (22-24 Kg) with Kestrel Frame

IMPORTANT 190 MAINTENANCE NOTES: Torque for cylinder head is 185 INCH lbs. Torque for prop is 110 INCH lbs. Bolts holding the exhaust should be torqued just enough to lightly compress the springs. Questions? CONTACT US.


BlackHawk 190 Paramotor Prices:

BlackHawk 190 Paramotor Kestrel Cage:


BlackHawk 190 Paramotor Rhino Cage:


BlackHawk 190 Paramotor Kestrel Cage:

Package Deal


BlackHawk 190 Paramotor Rhino Cage:

Package Deal


BlackHawk 190 Paramotor Titanium Pro Elite Cage:

Package Deal


BlackHawk Powered Paraglider Warranty:

Each and every item that makes up a BlackHawk Powered Paraglider is fully Warranted 100% for two years to the original purchaser from the date of original purchase of any factory defects (engine carries a manufacture 6 month warranty). The following items are included in this warranty: cage, couplers, rods, frame, gas tank, harness, carabineers, throttle, motor mounts and motor mount plates. This warranty excludes any and all items that are damaged by the Pilot in launching, landing, flying or transporting or misuse of said BlackHawk Powered Paraglider. The BlackHawk engines carry a 6 month Manufacturers warranty against factory defects from the original date of purchase. All engines are subject to the manufactures warranty and conditions Warranties are not transferable to anyone other than the original purchaser. Please contact BlackHawk for Manufacturers warranty conditions or claims. Not included under our warranty are any type of engine seizures caused by improper carburetor tuning, adjustment or failure to properly follow the manufacturers maintenance instructions.

For more information or to purchase this motor, please visit our contact page to talk with an expert.

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