• Utah Powered Paragliding BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

  • Utah Powered Paragliding BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

  • Utah Powered Paragliding BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

  • Utah Powered Paragliding BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

  • Utah Powered Paragliding BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

  • Utah Powered Paragliding BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

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BlackHawk 90

BlackHawk 90 Paramotor From Utah Powered Paragliding:

Welcome to “the next generation” BlackHawk 90 Paramotor! This well-rounded machine was designed to match the power needs of the latest Paragliders and new glider technology. Gliders like Reflex Wings increase the speed of the wing, which in turn increases their sink rate. To compensate for this, these wings need a more powerful Paramotor engine. The BlackHawk 90 Paramotor is available from Utah Powered Paragliding.

Unlike several other Paramotor engines in this category, the power curve of the BlackHawk 90 was designed to remain constant, even while running at high temperatures. Featuring a forced air cooling system, The BlackHawk 90 Paramotor comes in with an approximate thrust of 110 Lbs! With new glider technology taken into consideration, this machine was designed to deliver it’s power progressively and consistently.

All BlackHawk motors feature a rugged design for strength and reliability. Pilots around the globe count on BlackHawk’s strength and reliability so they can enjoy their motor for years to come. Many Paramotor Schools and beginner pilots chose the BlackHawk 90 due to it’s balance of safety and performance. This unit features an easy pull start mechanism, and a centrifugal clutch for safety and ease of operation. Many pilots enjoy thermaling and soaring without shutting off the motor, therefore appreciating the design of the BlackHawk 90 Paramotor.

The BlackHawk 90 is D.U.L.V. certified. This translates to complying with the noise standards, environmental considerations, and technical requirements set by a certifying body in Germany, well known for their tough standards. This is one of the quietest motors in the Powered Paragliding industry.

The BlackHawk 90 Paramotor comes standard with the BlackHawk Kestrel Cage & can be easily upgraded to the Rhino Cage, or any of our Elite / Pro Cages.

This engine recommended for all pilots who weigh under 190 lbs.

BlackHawk 90 Specs:

Engine: BH 90

HP: 18.5hp

Max RPM: 9700rpm

Reduction Type: Centrifugal Clutch

Approx Thrust: 110 Lbs

Start Method: Pull Start

Fuel Tank: 3.2 gallons

Flight time: 4 hrs

Frame options: Kestrel or Rhino

Max Pilot Weight: 190 Lbs

Total Weight: 45 lbs with Kestrel Frame

BlackHawk 90 Paramotor Prices:

BlackHawk 90 Paramotor Kestrel Cage


BlackHawk 90 Paramotor Rhino Cage


BlackHawk 90 Paramotor Kestrel Cage

Package Deal


BlackHawk 90 Paramotor Rhino Cage

Package Deal


BlackHawk Powered Paraglider Warranty:

Each and every item that makes up a BlackHawk Powered Paraglider is fully Warranted 100% for two years to the original purchaser from the date of original purchase of any factory defects (engine carries a manufacture 6 month warranty). The following items are included in this warranty: cage, couplers, rods, frame, gas tank, harness, carabineers, throttle, motor mounts and motor mount plates. This warranty excludes any and all items that are damaged by the Pilot in launching, landing, flying or transporting or misuse of said BlackHawk Powered Paraglider. The BlackHawk engines carry a 6 month Manufacturers warranty against factory defects from the original date of purchase. All engines are subject to the manufactures warranty and conditions Warranties are not transferable to anyone other than the original purchaser. Please contact BlackHawk for Manufacturers warranty conditions or claims. Not included under our warranty are any type of engine seizures caused by improper carburetor tuning, adjustment or failure to properly follow the manufacturers maintenance instructions.

For more information or to purchase this motor, please contact us


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